Ambiente Spa

Ambiente Total Body Care

Signature Treatment! Enjoy your day in Bali with special spa treatment. Started with foot bath, traditional massage, body scrub of your choice, finished with wrap warm towel and lotion of your choice.

Ambiente Traditional Massage

Traditional massage passed down for generations, blends stretching and acupressure with aromatherapy oil to relax and balance your body and mind. Including: Wet towel with essential oil, foot bath with crystal salt, body massage.

Ambiente Body Scrub Sensation

Scrub will remove dead cells and made your skin clean and shiny. We are offering three different type of scrub of your choice

Lomi – Lomi

Subliminal body massage using special movement with hands and elbow to release tension. The pressure will stimulate blood flow to release toxins, allowing the body to naturally heal it self with strong pressure massage.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Neck and shoulder massage. A quick way to regain your fitness after a long tiring day with acupressure massage to relieve the pain of tense muscle and sore points.

Happy Feet

Foot bath with crystal sea salt. Foot wash. Foot file. Foot massage. Foot scrub. Wrap with warm towel.

Ambiente Special Duo

Enjoy two therapists dedicated to your hands and feet, make your nails glow, healthy and increase your blood flow.

Scalp Seduction

Relaxing massage on the head to stimulate your blood circulation, calming your body and mind

Traditional Facial

This rejuvenating facial massage that fully refreshing you. It also inclusive a head massage.

Shiatsu Facial

Special design fingers pressure massage. Starting with cleansing, scrub, continuing with shiatsu massage to relax your face.

Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Signature Treatment! Foot bath with crystal sea salt, complete foot reflexology and aromatherapy.

Ambiente Manicure / Pedicure

Healthy and stress relieving manicure / pedicure treatment by combining it with scrub